Parrot Minikit Neo

Parrot Minikit Neo
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Parrot Minikit Neo
$129.00 inc GST
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Automatic phonebook synchronization:


Synchronisation with your telephone directory will start automatically the first time you use the Parrot MINIKIT+. You will then find all your contacts in the hands-free kit’s memory.




Voice recognition:


To place a call, start the voice recognition function by pressing the green button and then say the name of the contact; the Parrot MINIKIT+ recognises all voices!




Text-To-Speech :


If you wish to find a last name, a first name or a nickname, browse through your directory and listen to your kit read the names of all your contacts, then validate with a single click to place the call.PARROT MINIKIT +



Magic words:


Receiving calls is also very simple; during an incoming call, the Parrot MINIKIT+ says the name of the calling party; you may then say “accept” or “refuse” when prompted by the Parrot MINIKIT+.

Super easy to install and use

Vibration sensor:


The Parrot MINIKIT+’s vibration sensor will switch it into On mode and automatically connect it to your mobile phone as soon as you enter your vehicle

Ergonomic interface:You can browse through the menus using the knob, validate with the green button or cancel the action by simply pressing the red button.

Convenient mounting:It also comes with an elastic strap which iseasily reversible whether you have your sun visor down or up. Ingenious and practical!

Two telephones may be connected

Multipoint :You may simultaneously connect two Bluetooth telephones and receive incoming calls on either one easily.

Ring tones:The kit signals incoming calls using different ring tones, thereby letting you know which telephone is receiving the call.

PARROT MINIKIT + Navigation instructions and music via your kit

PARROT MINIKIT +A2DP : Thanks to the Bluetooth A2DP audio profile, you can listen to navigation instructions from your smartphone or to your music directly from the Parrot MINIKIT+

PARROT MINIKIT +Calls management:When you receive a call, the navigation instructions are interrupted automatically and then resumed when you end your call*


Price: $129.00