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Avatar ABR-240.4
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Avatar ABR-240.4
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Buran Series

Four-channel broadband amplifier of AB-class, power 240W. 

The ABR-240.4 amplifier uses non-standard technical solutions that ensured high sound quality. 

Compact dimensions make this device versatile and can be used in any installation options.

Model ABR-240.4
A type Amplifier Class-AB
Number of channels four
Frequency range 10 – 20,000 Hz
2 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V) 120W x 4
4 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V) 60W x 4
4 ohm RMS power, bridge 240W x 2
Minimum permissible channel load 2 ohm
Minimum permissible load in bridge connection 4 ohm
Input sensitivity 0.2 – 8V
Low pass filter 50 – 250 Hz
High pass filter 120 – 3000 Hz
Recession steepness 12 dB / Oct
Bass boost 0/6/12 dB
Damping ≥ 170
Working voltage 9 – 15V
Size (LxWxH) 300 x 220 x 49 mm
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