KENWOOD X302-4 600W X Series Class-D 4-Channel Power Amplifier

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KENWOOD X302-4 600W X Series Class-D 4-Channel Power Amplifier
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KENWOOD X302-4 600W X Series Class-D 4-Channel Power Amplifier
$279.00 inc GST
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The Audio Amplifier From KENWOOD Have Been Designed to Be a True Worldwide Product!



Ultra-high grade range amplifiers and speakers that deliver high density realistic sound and a spatial sound impression!
The new X-Series amplifiers are precisely designed for High-Resolution Audio to create a truly authentic listening experience with every detail and nuance!

You’ll Get Big Power out Of This Tiny Amp!
Need power, but lack space? KENWOOD’s eXcelon X302-4 four-channel amplifier delivers 50W RMS per channel, yet still fits almost anywhere in your vehicle! Switch this amp over to bridged, 2-channel mode, and you can power a pair of high-performance speakers or subs with 150W RMS each. In 3-channel mode, you can use the amp’s front channels to drive a pair of speakers with 50W each, and bridge the rear channels to send 150 watts to a sub. This versatility pays off as your system evolves over time!

Fine-Tuning Included
High-and low-pass filters let you optimize the sound for your vehicle and speakers! When you’re running a subwoofer with the rear channels, you can adjust a bass boost to get just the right tone to fit your musical tastes.

Convenient Technology
Class D technology ensures that this compact amp will run cool and perform reliably. KENWOOD divided the amp’s internal circuitry — analog, digital, and power supply — onto separate, non-overlapping circuit boards for improved overall sound quality. The X302-4 accepts input signals via RCA cables from an aftermarket receiver or by way of your vehicle’s speaker wiring, so it’ll work with almost any mobile audio system. If you do use the speaker-level inputs, the amp can sense the signal and turn itself on, so you won’t need to run a separate remote turn-on lead to the receiver or fuse box.


  • 4-Channel Digital Power Amplifier
  • Variable High & Low Pass Filter
  • Speaker Level Input
  • Signal Sensing Turn-On
  • 2 Ohms Load Capability
  • CEA-2006 Compliant
  • Hi-Res Audio Compliant
  • One Side Terminals for Smart Installation
  • Screw-Type Terminals
Price: $279.00