IROAD V9 (Season2 , ver.2016) 32GB

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IROAD V9 (Season2 , ver.2016) 32GB
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IROAD V9 (Season2 , ver.2016) 32GB
$629.00 inc GST
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  • 2CH-Front:Full HD(1920x1080p) 30FRAME, Rear:Full HD(1920x1080p) 30FRAME
  • Front/Rear Sony Exmor Image Sensor (2.4M pixels)
  • A31 Quad Core CPU Embedded, provides stable 2channel images
  • 142 degrees wide viewing angle
  • Built-in voltage control(uninterrupted power) : prevent battery discharge
  • Wi-Fi function (Front/Rear view live screen, playback, settings, firmware automatic update, dedicated mobilephone app supported, Automatic switch between normal and parking mode, car attack alert)
  • Format Free (Auto recovery system), External GPS antenna
  • 34 kind of voice guidance and high quality voice recording
Price: $629.00