ALPriority Triple HiFi Radar/Laser Package

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ALPriority Triple HiFi Radar/Laser Package
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ALPriority Triple HiFi Radar/Laser Package
$2,899.00 inc GST
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Featuring the ALPriority Triple Sensor HiFi Multipurpose Parking System, ALPriority Radar/GPS Module, ALPriority GPS Antenna and the Bel STi-R Plus Radar Receiver, this package is designed to keep you safe and remain alert while on the road!

HiFi Voice Alerts
Now with the inclusion of the HiFi control box the ALPriority can alert you to all LID warnings and status changes through Voice Alerts, providing crisp clear audio and detailed descriptive alerts makes the ALPriority more sophisticated than ever. Along with the Radar/GPS Module and Radar Receiver to protect you from radar, and GPS Antenna to block false alerts under user defined speeds.

Price: $2,899.00