Vibe Bass Pack

Vibe Bass Pack
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Vibe Bass Pack
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We’ve teamed up with the guys from Vibe Audio, to bring you the ultimate sub and amp pack. 

This pack consists of two 15″ Vibe SPACE15 subwoofers, a Vibe BLACKAIRB2-V1 Amplifier, as well as an enclosure. 

VIBE speakers and subwoofers are capable of handing extreme power, but this power is nothing without the ability to deliver it. VIBE Audio’s all new BlackAir Bass 2 mono amplifier is at the cutting edge of amplifier design and technology.
Slave / Master circuit allows 2 identical amplifiers to deliver their full output into a single channel giving 3,000 watts RMS @ 2Ω.

1x500w RMS @4ohm
1x1000w RMS @2ohm
1x1500w RMS @1ohm

The Vibe Audio Space subwoofers are the perfect mix of sound quality and build quality. While the construction is rock solid, the sound quality is superb. This is a subwoofer that you can count on to have for many years in the future. High power handling and the large voice coil assist these Space subs in producing deep, clean bass. Vibe integrates pro terminals into the subwoofer basket to accept heavy gauge speaker cable as well as flexibility in both series and parallel wiring. Give you car out of this world bass with the Vibe Space subwoofers!

1200w RMS Power Handling.


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