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The new STEG Upgrade Amplifiers cover years and years of development, hours and hours of listening tests to select the best materials and enclose them in a single product. The new SDSP4  is the ultimate expression in sound reproduction and uncompromising design, just remove the original and replace it with this new STEG amplifier to immediately appreciate a radical change in sound quality, without moving any hole or cut some wires from the original.

We have not neglected any detail to bring in the car the exact reproduction of a Live concert. Another product that is preparing to become a reference for the world marke. The SDSP4  amplifier was designed by GTTrading's R & D department to achieve maximum sound quality in OEM integration applications.

Powerful management software demonstrates the ability to manage a multiamp unit in one compact device. Thanks to the innovative power stage, it is possible to obtain a power of 400 W. With 6 digital outputs to drive another external amplifier. 

The powerful software (downloadable at the bottom of the page) developed allows you to set in a single page all the functions of the DSP inside the amplifier with simplicity and intuitiveness so that it can be used even by the less experienced. Possibility of use in offline mode, so you can create a configuration and insert it in the DSP at any time.