STEG SS-652C - 6.5" 60W RMS 2-way speaker

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The most modern speaker system from the STEG brand, designed and manufactured without compromise. The basket of models is milled from a solid aluminum block, which helps to prevent any resonances.

The neodymium magnet in conjunction with a membrane made of extremely light material allows you to capture even the finest details in your favorite songs. Thanks to the wideband speaker, it is possible to omit the tweeter and cover almost the entire audible band without any problems!

The reproduction of sound is thus much more realistic and contains more emotions, which it can very often transfer to the listener himself.

Parameters (Midbass)
Size 6.5″ (16.5cm)
Impedance 4 ohm
Power 60 W RMS
Frequency range 40 – 1000 Hz
Sensitivity 84 dB
Magnet Neodymium
QTS 0.36
FS 40 Hz
Xmax 4.2 mm
Outer diameter 178 mm
Instalation diameter 142 mm


Parameters (Fullrange)
Size 2.6″ (6.5cm)
Impedance 4 ohm
Power 30 W RMS
Frequency range 145 – 20 000 Hz
Sensitivity 86 dB
Magnet Neodymium
QTS 0.49
FS 145 Hz
Xmax 1.5 mm
Outer diameter 84 mm
Instalation diameter 62 mm